Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Apple Working on Major iPhone Trade-in Promotions

There are reports that Apple is now working on its next big iPhone update. This offer will be available as a part of Apple promotions in 2014. Customers can expect to see new deals in Apple stores starting this Thursday, May 8.

Rumors say that the company began emailing and calling customers with older handset models asking them to visit local Apple stores to get big iPhone 5c and iPhone 5Strade-in update. This offer is available to users who are eligible for the big upgrade.

This update is falling in line with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook who announce plans for boosting smartphone sales this year. Different users can use various trade-in and repair programs offered by the Cupertino-based giant this spring. For example, the company is already helping some customers to replace their Home button for free.

The next model expected to be released is the iPhone 6. It should be launched this fall and a lot of people wish to buy or get this huge upgrade. Still some users might be ok with getting the iPhone 5c or 5S and such opportunity is now available.

Of course, a big number of customers will prefer waiting till iPhone 6 trade-in program is available to them. This model will be the newest one so you might also like to wait until a better deal in the future.

If you are not a fan of the greatest products and are ok with the solid cell phone offered at a good price, you can contact Apple yourself or visit your retail store to find out whether you can get the model update this spring.


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