Thursday, May 8, 2014

Apple Online Sales 2013 Climb Over Walmart

The Cupertino-based giant [Apple company] took the number two position from Walmart in online retailers. Apple managed to climb to this position pretty steadily, as the new number suggest. This success is not as huge as for Amazon which takes the first place, but Apple’s online sales provide no more than 10 percent of its business.

The iPhone maker reached over $18 billion in revenue in 2013. This is +24 percent compared to its result in 2012. Walmart earned less, only around $10 billion within the same period.

Apple sales 2013 results were reported recently by the company. It used to take the fourth position in online sales and now it has climbed over to second position. Experts find these numbers impressive for the iPad and iPhone maker. While the colorful iPhone 5c is not the most successful product, the iPhone 5S, iPad air and iPad mini along with MacBook Pro and Macs seems to be of high demand among consumers.

Now, as other reports state, Apple new retail stores might open in New York City which has already several stores. Apple retail store New York map shows the “fruit” company’s stores on the 5th Avenue and other famous locations, including West 14th Street, Grand Central Station and the Upper West Side. The two new stores are expected to open in the Upper East Side in Manhattan and near the World Trade Center.

Apple counts 5 retail stores in New York City as for today. Will customers be attracted by two more? The iPhone creator seems to wish to get more revenue and give Americans more opportunities to purchase the iOS devices and Mac machines directly from the store.

What about you? Do you like to order online or go to the physical store to choose your new smartphone? Share your thoughts with our readers, please.


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