Friday, April 11, 2014

iTunes High Resolution Downloads to Be Available

iTunes music download to get high definition audio. Dramatic changes are promised for iTunes Music store, as reports state. The popular store might offer customers iTunes high definition audio files download. Besides, the company is expected to combat declining file downloads for the on-demand streaming service.

iDevice owners could get iTunes audio download in 24-bit res files. As one blogger, Rovert Hutton, suggests the famous Cupertino-based company will introduce high resolution music this summer. The new format could be presented at the WWDC event this June.

It is not clear where Mr. Hutton got this information but once iTunes audio download starts to offer hi-res files the price on such songs will surely go up. It is said that Apple has been asking labels for 96k and 192k sampling rate files for iTunes so it does have a huge catalog of high definition audio files.

Getting the high resolution store on iTunes in about 2 months will bring the company some benefits. The iPhone maker has begun this project in 2011, as rumors say. Right now users are able to purchase tunes and audio files in 16-bit lossy AAC format. The file sizes are minimized due to 256 kbps encoding.

The improved quality will bring more depth, details and bass to the downloads and the new file sizes will be larger. It might cost $1 more to download iTunes audio files after they are offers in a better quality than the traditional songs.


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