Sunday, April 20, 2014

iPhone Emulator for iOS Apps on Windows / Mac

Apple fans might sometimes like to play their favorite games and applications used on the iPhone and iPad on their PC or Mac. This is not as easy as you want it to be and you cannot just launch your iOS app on the computer because it will not work unless you know which emulator to download and install. To launch iPhoneapps on PC you need a good program otherwise the success cannot be guaranteed.

There are a lot of iPhone and iPad emulators for Mac / PC. They can run the popular iDevice applications on laptops and desktop computers.Choose the best iPhone emulator for Windows and you will have no more problems with using the programs you like on your machine.

You can take a look at iPadian program, for example, which is available at PCA Downloads. This source is reported as safe by MacWorld. This tool is created for all iOS applications and it is developed on Adobe AIR option.

Once you install this application on your computer you will see a window that reminds of the iPad screen on your desktop or laptop display. The iOS apps you will launch in this window will remind you of an iDevice gameplay experience.

Just don’t think that you will be able to play all your iPhone apps on Mac / PC because it is impossible to upload your iTunes or iDevice library of games and applications to iPadian. This program has its own library where you can select programs. Some titles are free to obtain and others are not free at all.

This is kind of a headache because users who think about playing iOS apps and games on their computer have on their mind some titles they really loved playing and they might not be present in iPadian. Anyways, this is just an alternative to your original gameplay. Give it a try and share your impressions with others.


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