Sunday, April 13, 2014

iPhone 6 Display Size to Be Larger Here Is Why

The next iPhone 6 display size should be larger than the one of the iPhone 5S. We’ve heard a lot of rumors on this issue and it looks like the rumors might be real. As one Chinese case maker assures that new large-screen iPhone 6 is to exist. At least the case models showed by accessory maker Elam have a thin and bigger size compared to the current smartphone models.

There should be a lot of iPhone 6 features introduced by Apple as this company likes to add some extra options not available to its previous models for the next-gen releases. Customers are looking for miracles and get small portions of them with the line updates.

iPhone 6 Bigger Display Proved by Case Model

The image of the case was shared by one French source that obtained the pictures from Elam. This accessory looks to be designed for a bigger display and a very thin body of the smartphone. The case shows rounded corners and the switch for volume. The previous pics were different as they offered several volume buttons instead of one.

The next generation handset might be as thin as 6.5mm or 7mm. The display size is hoped to be either 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch. Some sources note that Apple is to release the one model at first and update the next model later on.

The Retina display resolution might be 1334x750 and 1920x1080 as suggested by Ming-Chi Kuo who analyses Apple products. The company could insert the A8 chip to its next line of well-known smartphones getting more options that can be handled by A6 processor.

Some iPhone 6 options are to include the 1GB of RAM, an improved Touch ID feature and different enhancements for camera etc.


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