Saturday, April 5, 2014

iOS 7.1 Features with Darken Colors / Contrast: Turn Brightness Down

Apple’s new firmware update iOS 7.1 features include some new additions and big brightness. You can turn it down but the problem won’t be solved. There are some tips you can use which includes playing with iOS 7.1 contrast and getting darken colors. Learn how you are able to tone down your iPhone and iPad visuals below.

The upgrade is a bit too white. Users can try toggling the settings. It might change the situation not too much but you can try it out. Some people who have used this tweak say it doesn’t go smooth. Apple doesn’t provide extra settings to manage colors of iOS applications and other things.

If you are jailbroken it is easier for you because of the popular F.lux tool. Sadly, iOS 7.1 is jailbroken by some hackers only and there is no program for public use. It is hard to say when we will see iOS 7.1 untether jailbreak release this year or next year. Hackers promise to launch dual-book for iOS 6 and 7 for now, and this not jailbreak a lot of people are expecting to get sooner than later.

Settings for iOS 7.1 Contrast / Darken Colors to Turn Down Brightness

As for the iOS 7.1 darken colors, you can improve the situation by taking these steps:

Step 1 Launch Settings app.

Step 2 Then you need to open General menu and go to Accessibility.

Step 3 Look for the option to Increase Contrast.

Step 4 Play with two options: Reduce White Point and Darken Colors. Toggle them on.

The changes are slight. If you are not satisfied, just wait till you can install F.lux or other tweaks and improve your brightness by lowing it down.


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