Friday, April 4, 2014

How to Easily Delete iOS 7 Jailbreak Packages with CyDelete7

Having a jailbroken iOS 7 device is much fun but when it comes to deleting your installations the fun fades away. It is really frustrating and the whole process is pretty clumsy. Is there an easy way on how to delete iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks and packages? Of course, there is. Developers created a special tweak just for this purpose.

CyDelete7 is the name of the Cydia tweak that can take all the headache away. This package is useful and must-have for all the fans of jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is designed to supports iOS 7 gadgets.

iOS 7 Cydia Tweak Delete How to Guide [Simple Instruction]

The cool wiggly feature will make you happy. Devs promise that their creation can make the process of app uninstallation as simple as possible. It works for all jailbroken games, apps and tweaks you have. There is no need to uninstall them using Cydia store.

The package is good for all your apps that create an icon on your iDevice Home screen. How does it work? Well, all you have to do is press on the application icon you wish to delete and wait till your get to the wiggly mode. You will then see a little cross in the top left icon’s corner. Touch this cross and the program will be deleted.

Sadly, some Cydia tweaks don’t create icons on your Home screen. In other words, you can’t uninstall them using CyDelete7 tool. You’ll need to launch Cydia and manually remove the programs through Packages menu.

Everyone can download CyDelete7 for free. The program is located in the Cydia app store. It works for the new Apple 64-bit processor smartphones and tablets as well as earlier models.

Have you tried to use this program? Do you like how simple it is to delete tweaks you don’t need any more? We hope the process is not difficult for you.


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