Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Delete Songs and Music on iOS 7 iPhone / iPad

Some users come with a problem when they are unable to delete songs in Music app on the iPhone or Apple tablet device. Is there a fix to this problem? Yes, there is and you will learn about it inside this post. The walkthrough is not difficult to repeat so you should be fine soon.

iOS 7 is pretty buggy. Apple has fixed a lot of issues in the new iOS 7.1.1 presented last week. You can either try to install it on your iDevice or take the hints below to fix the issue without having to update. The trouble with deleting songs and music on the iPhone can drive you crazy. You are trying to swipe the tune to see the delete option available but it doesn’t appear so you cannot tap the song to have it disappeared.

Delete Songs via Music App on the iPhone [How to Guide]

Here is what you should do in order to successfully delete songs / music on iOS 7.

Step 1. Open Settings on the gadget.

Step 2. Select General – Usage menu.

Step 3. The Storage will upload now so wait for a couple of moments.

Step 4. Search for Music in the available list of options and click on it.

Step 5. Choose Edit feature [you will see in at the top].

Step 6. Press Delete and do it again to confirm your desire.

Step 7. You have successfully deleted all your songs on the iPhone or iPad.

Sadly, this option doesn’t allow you deleting only one or a couple of tunes. All the music will be gone.

iTunes Match songs and iTunes in the Cloud backup your songs on Apple servers. If you got stuck with some of your downloads the only thing you can do is delete all tracks. Once again, you can fix the problem easier by installing iOS 7.1.1 but this is working for those users who are ok without being jailbroken.


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