Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Delete Documents on iCloud to Free Storage Space

iPhone and iPad users are advised to clean their iCloud storage once in a while. Apple gives only 5GB of free space and the maximum storage of 50GB. This makes it important to free iCloud storage space as often as you can to be able to use your account and store new and important documents.

You can also do this from your Mac. It is great the you are able to delete documents on iCloud along with application’s data directly from your iDevice no matter what gadget they were saved to.

How to Free Space on iCloud

This guide can save you much time. Just follow it to clean the storage space in iCloud.

Step 1. Open Settings application on the iPad / iPhone. This is the first thing to do in order to clean extra
space by getting rid of old files and data.

Step 2. You need to find iCloud menu by scrolling down. Once you see it click on it.

Step 3. Select the option called Storage & Backup.

Step 4. We are getting closer. Choose Manage Storage – Documents & Data.

Step 5. You should now see all the documents you store in your iCloud account.

Step 6. Click Edit [this option is located in the top right corner].

Step 7. iCloud delete documents and data option is available under Delete button to the left of the files. 

Confirm your step to clean the storage from particular files. If you wish to delete all files at once from an application you need to go back to Step 6 and press Edit – scroll down till Delete All option is available.

You can easily control iCloud storage and use the free space Apple gives you. Since the procedure is not difficult at all you are highly advised to run through the stored documents at least once a month. If you are storing a lot of information you can do this once a week.


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