Friday, April 18, 2014

Find My iPhone Activation Lock Status Check on iOS 7 iPhone

Can your used iPhone surprise you one day when you decide to restore it? Will it not allow you to bypass the lock screen because of iOS 7 Activation Lock feature being turned one? You might have bought an iPhone 4 or 4S from a good seller who is eager to keep in touch but you can’t do anything if he forgets his Apple ID and password leaving you stuck on the locked screen.

iOS 7 operating system is designed by Apple with more security options. For example, unlock iOS 5 and 6 this firmware update turns Activation Lock on when Find My iPhone application is enabled on the smartphone. This is the protection from thieves who cannot resell the device with the feature on because it is impossible to restore, erase, delete and turn off Find My iPhone distantly if you do not know the original ID and password to unlock the screen.

Reasons to Use iOS 7 Activation Lock Checker on iPhones

One day you might like to factory unlock your device. Such services are affordable and loved by millions. Thus you can want to also become free from one carrier and unlock will be impossible if the iOS 7 security feature is enabled on it and you cannot bypass the lockscreen.

You are able to check lock status for iPhone 5 and other models to save nerves and decide whether you need to install iOS 7 at all or order IMEI unlock for your AT&T or other handset. iOS 7 / 7.1 Activation Lock checker is safe to use because it doesn’t restore your iDevice. It does nothing to your handset. It also provides information about it.

It is easy to order iOS 7 Find My iPhone Activation Lock status check for all iPhone models. Provide your personal and unique IMEI number and wait till the results are delivered to you via email or directly following the link below where you place your order for checking it:


If you can find IMEI in a very simple way. For example, you can open Settings and look in it. The 15-digit code can be found in General – About tab. Or just dial *#06# and the number will automatically appear on the display.

Enter this number into the order form and order the service. Wait for as much as the company notes in the iOS 7 Activation Lock checker timeframe [it usually takes from 5 minutes to a couple of hours] and you will know whether the lock is on or off.


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