Monday, April 7, 2014

Facebook Enables Free Calls for iPhone Reality

Facebook free calls iPhone app might be a great alternative to users who are locked to one carrier but wish to make cheap calls within their home country. If you want to switch SIMs you should order factory unlock for AT&T iPhone, Verizon, Vodafone, T-Mobile and any other mobile operator. This is safe, fast and lifetime.

All iPhone owners get free calls from Facebook Messenger applications updated for iOS firmware. The company has recently improved this app with group management and it now adds the coolest option with free calls on iPhone.

The social network has millions of members who use it on their computers, smartphones and tablets. This is a fast way to reach your friends as we live in the internet era now where most people wake up and go to bed with Wi-Fi connection, emails, text messages etc.

If your friends installed Facebook app on their iDevice you can now call them at no-cost over WiFi. If you choose to make a phone call over cellular coverage you will have to pay for data. Wi-Fi calls are completely free between Facebook messenger members. This is a good opportunity for friends and relatives from different countries because international phone calls can be made for free.

Once you install the messenger that can be downloaded via App Store for free [Facebook Messenger 4.1] you will see a phone icon. This icon allows you making the calls from the program. The app is a good alternative to everyone who likes to save money while talking to their friends.


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