Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sapphire iPhone Screen Report: Apple’s Secret Project

There is no information from Apple about its next iPhone 6 sapphire screen. The company says nothing about this particular device getting a new display based on sapphires. The reports show us Tim Cook assuring that the new Sapphire facility to be used by Apple for the “secret project.”

Apple CEO can’t talk about the new Apple project that requires building a brand new sapphire production facility. This news comes from the WSJ. The huge smartphone and tablet maker likes to be “secret” about its upcoming projects. Most rumors we get about the future Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac and iOS releases turning out to be real.

iPhone Sapphire Screen Project: What Apple Tim Cook Talked About

Keeping its customers curious about the “awesomeness” offered by the tech giant in its new lines of smartphones and tablets gives Apple bigger profit from selling these long-awaited iDevices and OS X computers.

There should be “things” we cannot see now and some “extensions” but it is not clear whether this has anything to do with the sapphire displays for the iPhone 6 or any other gadgets. Cook says nothing more trying to sound mysterious. Experts believe that Apple sapphire plant in Arizona hints to exclusive scratch-resistant sapphire displays for the next iPhone lines.

The facility was kept in secret till everyone learned about it. Now we wonder if the mysterious Apple project is related to its new iPhones with superior-durable sapphire screen. Once again, we can only hope and wait till everything we learn about the possible future devices through rumors, reports and reviews comes to official launch.

It happens sooner than later. For example, experts believe the new iOS 7.1 release might take place this weekend or on Monday. There is no confirmation from the Cupertino company yet. These are new rumors that would soon tell us if the data is correct.


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