Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sapphire-Covered iPhone 6 Might Be Real

The next iPhones might truly get a sapphire screen. The latest news says that GT Advanced Technologies, the company that works with Apple, is promising a “transformational year” in 2014. We hear different hints and can make predictions. However, most rumors are just rumors now.

Apple Sapphire Screens for iDevices to Be Real in 2014

As the company notes, its arrangement to supply sapphire products to the iOS device maker is “progressing well” and it results in the building of a sapphire plant in Arizona which should begin to operate in the second quarter 2014. The famous sapphire consumer, Apple, will use this impressive material for producing its next lines of the iPhone and iPad.

GT is now focusing on building the capacity for the iPhone maker. The company was even eager to lose its full-year revenue which went down from $733 to $299 million. Does it mean GT can earn more once Apple produces its sapphire smartphones and tablets?

As GT notes its revenue will be low till the latter half of 2014 when a massive increase is expected. The result should return up to $800 million with the sapphire products being released for public.

The next iPhone might be presented with the sapphire-covered screen. It could be the iPhone 6 which might be sold in September or October.


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