Thursday, March 27, 2014

iOS 7.1 Find My iPhone Can Be Disabled without Password

The present iOS 7.1 firmware is buggy. Apple is trying to fix problems in the updates, but the new issues surface once in a while. The latest bug discovered by uses is related to Find My iPhone feature. Usually iPhone and iPad users have to enter password to turn this option off, however one iOS 7.1 bug simply disables it without any passcode.

The problem is faced by users who have updated to iOS 7.1. This is the latest public firmware release to Apple customers across the world. Version 7 is meant to Chinese and European users only.

If your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is on firmware 7.1 it is possible to deactivate Find My iPhone on your gadget without entering the password. The instruction is simple. It can be repeated by anyone with this operating system. The password step is skipped. It is hidden from by the exploit discovered.
The exploit allows adding changes to Settings – iCloud account menu which makes the flaw surface. 

According to MacRumors, the exploit has successfully helped them to disable Find My iPhone option on the iPad and iPhone with firmware v. 7 however it didn’t work on iOS 7.1. In other words, the next update should fix the bug.

The bug can be dangerous to iOS customers because lost gadgets can be located using Find My iPhone application when it is enable. If anyone disables it without having to enter the password, he or she can erase all the information and try to resell the smartphone. Of course, it will be impossible to use such a gadget since unlocking requires Apple ID with passcode. The device will not function but it will be impossible to find it.

It is necessary to mention that it is possible to bypass Find My iPhone app on iOS 7.1 device only if its Passcode / Touch ID options are turned off. Enable them to protect yourself. Apple hasn’t commented on this issue yet.


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