Sunday, March 16, 2014

iOS 7 Cydia Repositories You Would Love to Use

Cydia store is an alternative to the App Store which has tons of jailbreak apps and tweaksfor iOS 7 and other firmware versions. A lot of these iPhone and iPad applications are must-have. You can download the best tools if you know where to search for them.

Below we’ll add a list of the most interesting iOS 7 Cydia repositories where you can look for the best jailbreaking apps and programs for your iDevice. There are many more repos you can add from Sauric's Cydia but these ones are simply amazing.

  1. Couria Beta repository at can bring some interesting features for compose links / fast responds improving your messaging system on iOS gadget.
  2. BiteSMS Beta repo at is also a nice addition for better messaging.
  3. Karen’s Pineapple Cydia reposity at is rich fro different emulators.
  4. iCleaner Pro repo is available at and it cleans your gadget from any clutter you don’t need.
  5. CoolStar’s source at brings some useful command-line options.
  6. XBMC repository at is good for downloading different media jailbreak applications and tools.
  7. Hashbang Productions at can enhance your iOS system.
  8. iOS 7 repository from Ryan Petrich at is one of the popular repos today. It offers a lot of jailbreak tweaks for iPhone / iPad.
  9. StatusBarFix2 at can fight your iOS 7 ads.
  10.  ParrotGeek repository at has tons of great iOS Cydia tweaks for iPad and iPhone.

Use these jailbreak apps for your iDevice.


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