Monday, March 31, 2014

How to Hide Official Apple Apps on iOS 7.1 iPhone / iPad

You can now hide different iOS 7.1 apps you don’t like even if they are Apple official programs.

Previous Apple firmware releases didn’t have the option for hiding the official applications you don’t use or don’t need. It is possible to hide unwanted applications on iOS 7.1 iPhone and iPad. Such an opportunity is given for the first time by the Cupertino-based giant.

It is not cool to get lots of applications that you find useless yet present on the device, is it? The situation was odd and Apple didn’t offer a feature making all its customers keep the official applications no matter how much they really needed them.

For example, not many people use Compass app or Stocks program. Yet you couldn’t get rid of them before. It is impossible to delete such apps on iOS 7.1 gadget, but you can already hide everything you don’t want. Just take some of your time and enjoy your time without seeing them any more.

Here is how to hide unwanted Apple apps on the iPhone and iPad once you have installed iOS 7.1 update.

iOS 7.1 Update: Hide Unwanted Apps from Apple

Step 1. Create a folder on your gadget.

Step 2. Drag and place all your applications you don’t like or need into this folder.

Step 3. Now you should trick your firmware so that it lets you hide the folder with bunch of unwanted applications into another folder.

Step 4. Leave only icons on the home screen and dock. Now long click on any app and drag it quickly into another app. This will create a new folder.

Step 5. Now just drag the folder with unwanted programs into this one. It is tricky but you can manage everything and enjoy having one folder full on iOS 7.1 official Apple apps inside another folder.

Step 6. Remove all apps you need from your new folder. Leave only useless programs inside.

Step 7. Once you have all the applications on your homescreen you can pull the smaller folder out onto it and it will disappear.

Sadly the apps will still take all the space they took before as you can’t delete them.


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