Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to Fix iOS 7.1 Fingerprint Sensor on iPhone 5S Problem

iOS 7.1 release comes with some new bugs along with problem fixes and different enhancements for iPhone 5c / 5 / 4S. Users are already facing an issue with fingerprint sensor on locked iPhone 5S and there is a solution to the problem which you can use if you are affected with it.

The company promised that iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor would perform faster after iOS 7.1 installation. Apple also said this option would work more accurate and customers could enjoy the changes. At the same time, a number of users report new iOS 7.1 problems instead of enhancements and improvements promised by the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Instead of smooth performance, iPhone 5S owners say that their biometric scanner has become problematic. The firmware update didn’t bring better performance. The bug is mentioned on Apple’s support forum.

Fingerprint sensor Touch ID on iPhone 5S fails to work properly. Somehow saved fingerprints disappeared. It is also hard to make a match among your fingerprints, users assure. As someone states on the support forum, Touch ID sensor just doesn’t work after updating to iOS 7.1. Users tried to turn the option off / on, reboot but this didn’t solve the issue. Is there a way how you can fin the new bug?

Hopefully, these simple methods can solve fingerprint sensor problem on iPhone 5S with the latest firmware.

Fix 1

Open Settings – Touch ID & Password and make sure your smartphone unlock feature is turned on on iOS 7.1. Some people report this option is disabled after firmware upgrade.

Fix 2

You can also try to delete your saved fingerprints and add then back. Do this by opening Settings – Touch ID & Passcode – Passcode – Fingerprints – Delete Fingerprint. Then you should click on Add a Fingerprint option. It takes some time but it might solve your problem.

Fix 3

If you have iPhone 5S backup you need to restore your smartphone from it. To do this, connect the handset to iTunes and Restore it.


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