Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to Correctly Perform iOS 7.1 Update on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

You should know how to install iOS 7.1 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by now. Apple released iOS 7.1 update last week making thousands of people upgrade to this firmware version at once. It brings new features, such as iOS CarPlay for iPhone 5S model, new bugs and problems. There are several things that are must-do before you update to iOS 7.1.

We created a short preparation list that will make the update smooth and safe. Here is what you are advised to do beforehand.

Step 1. Cleaning Up the iDevice

iOS 7.1 update should begin with you cleaning up your iPhone or other Apple device. You have surely downloaded different apps and games that don’t support this new firmware upgrade. Go ahead and delete them. You can also get rid of all apps you don’t actually need or even use. This way you can free up your storage space for the new operating system and apps / games.

Step 2. Charge Your Device

It is good to have your battery full before you follow iOS 7.1 update download link and install this software. It is best to have full 100% charge.

Step 3. Backup

It is always better to backup your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch before you update, restore or jailbreak. This is something to remember before iOS 7.1 update as well. Use iTunes for this purpose.

Step 4. Update iTunes

Is your version of iTunes the latest one? Make sure it is updated. It is always good to have the newest iTunes on your computer.

Step 5. Update to iOS 7.1

Dowwnload iOS 7.1 using direct links and update your iPhone through iTunes.


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