Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Close Safari Tabs iOS 7 iPad / iPhone Guide for Apple Users

I am always in search for useful iOS 7.0.6 features, tips and tricks. This firmware is a big update from Apple. Personally I don’t even know a lot of its functions though I am using it for several months. Sometimes little advice can save you so much time. This is priceless. For example, you need to quickly close Safari tabs on iOS 7, all at the same time. How can you do it?

It gets so uncomfortable to close Safari tabs by swiping them away. It is a big exercise even if you have just 2 or 3 of them open. What if there is more than this? What if you need to close 10 Safari tabs with one move? Maybe you even need to close 15 tabs at once… There is a solution, and you are about to learn this little secret.

There is a way how to close all open iOS 7 Safari tabs with a few clicks. You can manage tabs by opening Safari browser and select Private option. iPhone users usually swipe tabs away and iPad owners close by through the X feature. The Private button located at the screen’s bottom is your personal time saver here. 

Once you click on it you will be asked whether to leave all the taps open or close them at once. Select the second suggestion “Close All” and you will have no more problems with the browser as all your tabs will be closed.

There are a lot of other great tips and tricks for firmware 7 which you can use in your everyday life. There are even more secrets for jailbroken users who can installextra Cydia tweaks with additional options and features.

It is simple to improve your private browsing on iDevice if you know all the little extras.


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