Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flappy Bird Removed Fix: The Game to Return to the App Store

New on “Flappy Bird deleted” and Flappy Bird being removed from the App Store made this popular iOS game for iPhone and iPad even more popular. Users started to offer their smartphones and tablets with the game preinstalled on them at high prices on eBay. Some auctions went up to $30,000 though such ads were removed by the site’s administration.

The developer who stands behind Flappy Bird online and iOS game, Dong Nguyen, who got first tired of his creation now wants to return this title to the App Store. He says this is the result of his interactions with game fans. One Twitter users asked Nguyen whether the app could make its way back to the App Store, and the dev said “Yes. But not soon.”

The game developer confirmed the same thing to another fan who met him at the Game Dev Conference in San Francisco. The app will be re-launched making happy all Flappy Bird fans. Such predictions were made by hackers when the game was deleted from the stores. They believed that such a step was taken to increase the demand on this application.

Nguyen said he would not present the application and now it looks like he will reintroduce it. The hints are mentioned in the Rolling Stone interview. There were two reasons why the game was deleted: big attention and high addiction.

There are other reasons why Flappy Bird download link could be back in the stores. This game brought $50,000 a day to its developer when it got popular. This is pretty good money and the app could continue bringing this much or even more.

While the game is not back there are a lot of clones that are making money using Flappy Bird in their title. Once the application reappears for iPhone and iPad, the dev promises it will contain a warning to all gamers that says “Please take a break.”


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