Thursday, March 6, 2014

Download Athena 2 with iOS 7 Support for Tinting App Icons

Athena 2 can be downloaded for iPhone 5S and iOS 7 firmware. This cool jailbreak application supports 64-bit processors and brings icon tinting options to everyone who is running the most recent Apple operating system for mobile devices.

Fans of jailbreaking remember how fun it is to have winterboard-free tinting for apps icons with Athena application. The second version of this Cydia tweak, Athena 2, is a rebuilt of the original tool. The program is available at the cost of $0.99. Jailbroken users can download it like IntelliScreenX from Cydia Store. It supports all iDevices.

Tint iOS 7 Apps Using Athena 2 Jailbreak Tweak

The application brings its preference pane to your native Settings. You can adjust the settings through the built-in program using all the options and possibilities. For example, with the tweak you can easily tint your iOS 7 application icons via Settings app. The tool makes it possible to create colored tints without having to respring.

Different colors can be used for tinting icons. There are also intensities you can use to make unique app icons on your iPhone or iPad. There are no heavy Winterboard themes. This package is simple and not bulky at all, as developer notes. It is designed to change the appearance of your icons making your iDevice individual looking.

If you wish to fully customize your iOS 7 iPhone, iPod touch or iPad you can download other tweaks from Cydia. There is Winterboard app, Springtomize 3 tweak and other programs that suit a big variety of tastes.

Note that all these extra options can be downloaded by people who have performed jailbreak of iOS 7 gadget via Evasi0n7 program. This is the only untethered jailbreak available today for firmware version 7. 

It is free to use, however, you can jailbreak at your own risk only as such programs might void Apple warranty. Still millions of users prefer jailbreaking iOS 7 to use more apps, play more games and download interesting tweaks.


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