Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Best iOS 7.1 Features List for iPhone and Other Apple Devices

Before you download new firmware using direct download links for iOS 7.1 iPad, iPhone and iPod touch gadgets we want to mention all the options and bug fixes introduced with this public release. For example, after you install iOS 7.1 on your iDevice you should have no black / white screen of death problem. In other words, your gadget should not crash / restart on random.

Users who have the newest Apple smartphone can use CarPlay option. It was discussed for a while and is finally introduced in the big iOS 7.1 update release. It supports iPhone 5 / 5c / 5S models.

Another feature is improved Siri which can now listen to you for as long as you want. You get an opportunity to hold down your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch home button till you finish speaking to your personal assistant.

Users who speak English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese will enjoy natural voice brought by Apple to iOS 7.1 Siri.

TouchID sensor has been enhanced for iPhone 5S device. It is much faster now

The Cupertino-based tech company promises that iOS 7.1 for iPhone 4 comes with better performance.

HDR-mode is available for iPhone 5S camera. Besides, it becomes clearer where to click on buttons because of the darkening of iOS 7 design.

FaceTime notifications should clear in automatic way which saves some time for users.


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