Monday, February 17, 2014

Untethered iOS 7 Jailbreak for iPad Mini / iPhone 4S [iBoot Exploit]

A5 iBoot exploit found by iH8sn0w can jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad mini on iOS 7 firmware. This should make any fan of jailbreaking so happy! Rejoice since you are able to also jailbreak iPod touch 5-gen with this tool. The news is shared by hacker who assures that all his A5X gadgets are already jailbroken “for life.”

Any A5 gadget can be untethered jailbroken this way. This is exactly what happened with iPhone 4 smartphone which could be jailbroken with A4 bootrom exploit. The mechanism is similar, and it doesn’t depend on the version of firmware released by Apple.

Why do people prefer jailbreaking?

This process gives you so many benefits you can’t imagine your life staying with a factory gadget once you learn how many great things are offered by hackers. Jailbreaking tweaks, cool third-party games and apps, programs and hacks work on iPhones and iPads with the jailbroken operating system.

It is not clear whether iH8sn0w released a public jailbreak with the iBoot exploit he discovered. Hacker can’t answer this question himself. He might just save it for future use. Still if the launch happens millions of people will be glad to be able to jailbreak their smartphone or tablet.

iPhone 4S and iPad Mini iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak with iBoot Exploit

Till then the only jailbreak for iOS 7 available today is Evasi0n7 which untethers any iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running this firmware up to version 7.0.5. The next firmware v. 7.1 might not be jailbroken with this program since Apple killed its exploits in the latest 7.1 beta 5 release.

Hackers might find another way to complete their software so that iOS 7.1 becomesjailbroken. Maybe iH8sn0w will help them. If not, we might have to wait till iOS 8 release to be able to jailbreak our iDevices.

Let’s hope everything will be good and iBoot exploit brings us many great opportunities.


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