Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Unlock iPhone Passcode: Find My iPhone iOS 7 Activation Lock

While the latest bug discovered in iOS 7.0.4 makes it possible to actually turn off Find My iPhone app without the password, there is one weird jailbreak tweak for iPhones and iPads that makes it possible to unlock iOS 7 activation feature. Doesn’t it sound strange? Of course, it can be cool for iDevice owners but only whose gadgets are not lost or stolen.

How to Unlock iPhone With Find My iPhone Feature

The new tweak called AlwaysUnlock can really unlock the iPhone with any passcode. This does sound crazy and dangerous, doesn’t it? Well, I have no idea why anyone would actually download this jailbreak tweak and install it on the iDevice he or she wishes to protect, but Cydia has tons of applications and programs for iOS users.

What the developer of this tool was thinking of while making the program is unknown. The fact is such a tweak exists and it is designed for iPhone owners. Does it have any practical use? Well, people who don’t like to remember passcodes can find it useful and secure. I just don’t know if you can be secured with a device can anyone can unlock  Find my iPhone passcode. If you don't know the status of Find my iPhone you can always use the special checker for that. It is cheap and fast at the same time.

Weird Cydia Tweak

Developer says nothing about the possible issues. Everything you are doing is at your own risk. If you have jailbroken the Apple device with Evasi0n or other software you are risky enough to actually give it a try.

Once you get the free Cydia tweak you will have to once enter your correct passcode. Otherwise AlwaysUnlock won’t work properly. Then it will start functioning giving you an opportunity to unlock the fruit gadget with any password. The app has no configurations. It is simple yet it might be useless.

You can always turn off iOS 7 activation lock passcode if you can’t remember it instead of using just any code for iPhone unlock. The tweak is free to get from BigBoss repo. What do you think about such a strange Cydia application?


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