Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top Installous Alternatives for iOS 7 to Get Paid Apps for Free in 2014

It is often cool to test paid applications for free and there are great alternatives to Installous that work on iOS 7 iPhones and iPads. These apps are free to be used on jailbroken gadgets. Since Evasi0n7 jailbreaks iOS 7 up to 7.0.4 you can easily download any of these programs and use on your iDevice.

It is important to realize that it is legally to download apps through the App Store getting paid applications for free only for educational purposes. All these Installous alternatives support iOS 7 firmware and can be used in 2014. When Installous exists no more you can use similar hacks on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 7 Installous Alternatives for 2014: Download Apps for Free

Remember to jailbreak your iOS 7 device with Evasi0n7 untethered tool and install AppSync patch manually to run the jailbreaking programs without bugs.

1. AppCake for iOS 7 is designed for users who wish to get paid apps for free. It can bee created by team. The application contains a lot of titles which you can try on your iDevice. Its repository is called: 


2. vShare is another alternative to Installous that is updated to support the latest Apple firmware. This is a quick way to download different .IPA files. Some users know this hack as App VV with repo source: 


3. iFunBox 2 can also be used as a tool for paid apps to be used for free. This program has been updated but its requires afc2add file that you can find in Cydia. Install this file to avoid problems with running iFunBox on iOS 7 platform. The tool’s repository is: 


4. Zeusmos also works on all iDevices allowing users to get popular games and applications at no-cost. Make sure you have Cydia on your gadget to use the tool. Get AppSync and you’ll do fine. It is possible to download the app at

5. AppAddict let’s you get free program installation on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The repository for this application is: 


We hope that this list of best Installous alternatives for iOS 7 platform will be useful to you in 2014. Enjoy more great games and applications on your fruit gadget.


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