Sunday, February 2, 2014

Springtomize 3 Gets iOS 7 Upgrade for Jailbroken iPhone

Devs continue working on their Cydia tweaks and jailbroken applications. Fans of Springtomize 3 will soon be able to download the updated version of this program. According to Filippo Bigarella, his app has turned into a full rewrite but a lot of work has to be still done. Developer managed to complete about half of the things he wanted to finish.

This means that more updates should follow and we’ll soon see Springtomize 3 in its full beauty. The program allows users adding different customizations to their icons, dock, folders, animations etc. Such ultimate jailbreak and unlock options can do miracle with your iPhone. Do you like to play with the Lock screen? Isn’t it fun to customize images? If you like all these things you should definitely get Springtomize 3 which supports 64-bit processor and works on the iPhone 5S.

The tweak will get more changes, especially for the new chip devices. As developer notes, the tool should get new structure. This project is not small and a lot of technical difficulties are to be overcome.

The app’s foundation is done but a lot of new options and settings are to be present in the future. What can you expect to get from the program? Springtomize 3 should offer more interesting features and its settings are to be expanded.

Right now the tool is tested by users and Cydia Store should most likely see its availability this month. As Bigarella says, those who have jailbroken fruit gadgets will not be disappointed to get this update.

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