Thursday, February 27, 2014

iOS 7 Security Flaw Discovered after iOS 7.0.6 Update

There is another iOS 7 flaw found in this Apple mobile firmware even after it has released iOS 7.0.6 update with the fix to SSL bug which could mean serious problems to users. Now researchers report that there is another problem iPhone / iPad owners have to know about.

The flaw can affect all current iOS 7 users even those who have installed v.7.0.6 to fight the serious SSL vulnerability on their gadget. According to security researchers, the existing bug is capable of exposing everything iDevice users is doing to hackers and bad guys, including everything he or she is typing.

New iOS 7 Security Vulnerability Leak Reported

Reports state that FireEye professionals managed to install a program on the iPhone and iPad that monitored each tap of the iOS 7 display and transferred data to remote servers. If hackers get a hold of similar applications they can easily access your SMS message, emails and anything you are typing on your screen, including notes. The tool controls your iOS 7 keyboard sending the signals to the distant server. Besides, it can record your home key clicks, Touch ID feature and other options.

There is no evidence of such apps beings used by anyone yet. The researchers did everything in their lab and informed the Cupertino-based company about such a bug. They found the problems on iOS 7.0.4 gadgets, but said nothing about the latest iOS 7.0.6.

You should be careful while installing third-party applications on your iOS 7 device. Malicious programs might pose as some music tools etc. Just install games and apps from the App Store and trusted jailbreak tweaks from the well-known sources if you are jailbroken.

There are not comments from Apple to this news. Still we hope that the next iOS 7.1 will fix the problem and bring better security to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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