Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Unlock T-Mobile iPhone 5 [Detailed Guide]

T-Mobile iPhone 5 users who wish to use their smartphone while staying abroad can request SIM unlock from official IMEI unlocking service. The company has officially promised to complete such unlocks. You should note that such service will not open your Apple handset for AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S.

Permanent Unlock for Foreign Use

T-Mobile iPhone 5 unlock is meant for usage in foreign countries. You can insert local SIMs while going abroad and enjoy cheaper communication there since you will save money on roaming charges.

In case your iPhone was initially bought "from hands", it’ll immediately lock itself towards the any carrier applied to iPhone. This can be the situation even if the iPhone was bought being “SIM Free” mobile.

After you’ve found the network that you want to unlock your own iPhone and when you’ve made the required charges, your iPhone will be unlocked and confirmed by Apple company. Apple keeps a main list of unlocked iPhone gadgets also it can extend to 2 weeks for the iPhone to be included in this list. When your gadget has been put into the list, you’ll have to hook it up to iTunes to finish the unlocking process. A message ought to pop-up in iTunes to show you that the iPhone has been unlocked. Sometimes there is no message but it is not a problem. Insert non-supported SIM card and try to make a call.

Benefits of T-Mobile iPhone Unlock

  • The unlock is permanent
  • You can use different local networks abroad
  • Your warranty is safe
  • Disadvantages of T-Mobile Unlock for iPhone 5
  • Your iPhone can’t be blacklisted by T-Mobile you you want to get successful unlock
  • Your iPhone has to be activated
  • Your account should be in good standing
  • Your iPhone can’t be replaced or refurbished

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Unlock for Foreign Trips Instruction

Step 1. To unlock the iPhone, you need to find unlocking package for the T-Mobile network Phone is locked to and request unlock if you meet the requirements above. You can always contact the support team if you have questions regarding unlock.

Step 2. The company will confirm it has unlocked your account to be used abroad. You can’t check whether you have been unlocked using iTunes since this program works with factory IMEI unlocks only.

Step 3. Get a foreign SIM card and insert it into your smartphone. If the phone recognizes the new SIM, you are successfully unlocked. You can restore / reset your handset without losing unlock state. It is tied to the IMEI code on your handset.

Step 4. Whenever you are back to the U.S. remember to go to Settings – Carrier and switch to T-Mobile again since your iPhone will not work with AT&T or T-Mobile.


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