Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Make iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks Yourself

What can be cooler than downloading Cydia tweaks on your iOS 7 jailbroken device? Of course, only one thing can be better than this. It is the ability to create awesome iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks yourself. Everything is possible once you download Flex 2 tool that can make any your wish come true. It is often difficult to find a particular program in Cydia store. If one you want to get doesn’t exist yet, make it yourself!

For example, you might like to block particular ads or do anything else in the world. Flex 2 is also a Cydia tweak. It can be found for $3.99 in Cydia. The program contains a lot of different programs made by other people. You can download them as well as make your personal creations using the tool.

You can see that this tweak is way more expensive than other jailbreaking apps. Is it worth paying for such an app? Users who tried using it say it comes with a lot of features you can get benefits from. It can be compared with Springtomize, still Flex offers way more.

If you understand the codes, you can make jailbreak tweaks yourself filling them with particular options offered by the program. You can learn more if you are planning to develop in the future. If this is not your field of interests, just don’t use this part and jump to the other things offered by Flex 2 iOS 7 tweak.

I am talking about a big list of applications you can modify. Just tap on the programs you have on your iDevice and you will see a list of tweaks available for this or that Apple application. Isn’t it awesome?

Millions of people like to develop and use jailbreaking applications. You are able to upload their creations and have no problems with your iOS 7 jailbreaking..


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