Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Add More Symbols to OS 7 Keyboard Using Vmoji 7

Jailbroken iOS 7 users can improve their typing experience by adding 800+ symbols to their keyboard. There is Cydia tweak for this called Vmoji 7. It comes with different cool features for users who like to use special characters, including unicode and emoji. It also comes with snippets for text / symbols which makes typing emails and text messages much faster.

All the characters can be accessed via your secondary keyboard. You can simply press your finger over the keys to get the list of all the extra symbols and characters on iOS 7 keyboard.

User who has purchased Vmoji 7 [it is offered for $2.99 on Cydia] can insert the characters into the message field. The tweak works with both Mail and Messages programs. As for snippets, you can add them to the key “9” creating shortcuts for the phrases you use most often. Touch the button and your snippet will be input into the text.

Sadly, you can customize the app as it comes without settings pane. Still it works on the newest Apple mobile operating system and supports 64-bit processor devices, including iPhone 5S.


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