Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cool Tweaks for iOS 7 Untethered Jailbroken iPhone

iOS 7 devices can be successfully jailbroken with Evasi0n7 untethered jailbreak which was launched in the end of 2013 and has been since updated a couple of times to fix various bugs. iPhone users can easily perform the free jailbreak and get more opportunities after installation of the infamous Cydia store with jailbreaking programs.

Different Cydia tweaks offer different features, options and cool things that are must-have for all jailbroken users.

3 Cool iOS 7 Tweaks for Jailbroken iDevices

RePower Options

iOS 7 users who wish to add some extra options to their Power Down Screen [for instance, you can add power off menu, reboot feature or respring option] should download RePower Cydia tweak that is absolutely free.

Play with its settings and adjust them to your needs.

Zephyr Options from Activator

Those who enjoyed having Springtomize tweak or Zephyr application on their previous firmware version can’t install this tool on iOS 7 gadget. Luckily, there are other similar tweaks you can use. Activator is one of them. It will easily close the apps you launched through the flick of your screen. Programs will be also closed when you switch between them sliding the finger from left to right.

Here is how you can adjust Activator through its settings. Launch it and find In Application menu. Choose Slide in Gesture and select From Screen Bottom-Left. Choose First SpringBoard Page and your apps will be closed how it is describe above.

If you wish to switch between programs and let the previous application close automatically, open the tweak – In Application, select Slide in Gesture option and point to From Screen Right – LastApp.


Make your logins faster by getting 1Pal tweak that can save your Master Password to iOS 7 keychain. Just don’t share your passwords with others. The tool supports Touch ID option on the iPhone 5S which is really great.

If your smartphone doesn’t come with Touch ID, the tweak will now work on it.


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