Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Use R-SIM 9 to Unlock iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C And Enjoy Your Locked Carrier

Users who are familiar with R-SIM unlock method can now order it for their iPhone 5S and 5c models. R-SIM 9 unlock for iOS 7 is already available and even tested by many Apple fans. This method is reliable on special activation chip. You use two SIM cards to apply it.

One SIM is R-SIM 9. You need to purchase it. It is not available for free, but since the tool is easy to use and in most cases cheaper than factory unlock a lot of people prefer using it and avoid other unlocking services. Before you order anything you should make sure your carrier is supported.

R-SIM 9 is designed to unlock the newest iPhones, including iPhone 5S and 5c / 5 / 4S. Most U.S.carriers can be unlocked via it however Verizon iPhone 5S and Verizon iPhone 5c are out of luck now. There are some problems that might be fixed in the future.

How to Unlock iOS 7 with R-SIM

Step 1. You should be sure that your gadget can be unlocked via this tool first.

Step 2. Read all the Terms and Conditions.

Step 3. Make sure your carrier and iPhone is supported.

Step 4. Buy R-SIM 9 card for your iPhone from the official site or resellers.

Step 5. Insert the R-SIM 9 into your smartphone.

Step 6. Open Settings and go to Phone – SIM Application menu.

Step 7. Enter the 7-digit IMSI for the mobile operator you are locked to [it is available on the official website and on the sites of resellers you can choose from].

Step 8. Reboot your iPhone.

Benefits of Using This Tool

* Your warranty is safe
* No need to use any illegal codes
* No need to jailbreak
* Supports for all basebands
* iOS 7 unlock support


You must activate iPhone with R-SIM 9 before using it. Keep in mind that this tool works as Activation and unlocking this is why being activated is important.


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