Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Unlock iOS 7 iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 / 4 / 4 / 3GS / 3G Without any Additional Actions

A lot of Apple smartphones are locked to particular carriers. The companies offer some discounts to customers who purchase such models. The cheaper price at the beginning becomes a long 2-year contract when you can’t switch to a different mobile operator unless you order iOS 7 iPhone unlock service.

There are several methods that make it possible to start using different carriers with your iDevice. Most of them don’t support iOS 7 devices. For example, Ultrasn0w is for iOS 6 only and can’t unlock this firmware. SAM activation tickets support older models like iPhone 4 / 4S and GEVEY unlocking tool is good for iPhone 5 GSM smartphone only.

Users with iPhone 5S and 5c can now unlock with R-SIM or IMEI. The safest way to go is to select factory IMEI unlock for iPhone iOS 7 handsets by selecting the carrier. This tool is guaranteed to all users with clean IMEI code and activated iPhone. You have to meet some requirements but they are easy so most users will be fine ordering this service.

IMEI is good for everyone who has iPhone iOS 7 and older firmware. It supports any model and all basebands / firmware releases. The service is affordable to those who wish to start using different SIM cards with their gadget. It works for most carriers but you should make sure your mobile operator is supported before ordering the service.

Once you made sure your iPhone / carrier is supported, run IMEI checker to know the status of your handset and be sure it is activated with your carrier. Find a trusted company that offers the service and provide your clean IMEI number along with your name and email. Wait for about 24 hours till the distant unlock is performed.

The company will email you a letter saying your new status is unlocked. There will be instruction you need to follow in order to complete the procedure. Connect iPhone to iTunes and finish the process.

This is as easy as it looks like. Your iOS 7 iPhone will be unlocked and your warranty will remain safe.