Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reasons for iPhone Unlock and Jailbreak on iOS 7 Firmware

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to jailbreak their Apple devices. They like to install new applications and games that are not present in the official App Store. There is a big choice of Cydia tweaks that bring unique features on fruit smartphones.

Users who like to send a lot of text messages often jailbreak because of apps similar to BiteSMS. This is one of the top reasons for jailbreak iOS 7 devices. The application has been updated a couple of times. Its latest update brings some interesting changes you might like to know about.

Some people joke that BiteSMS was designed for “text maniacs” and this actually sounds real. The popular jailbreaking tweak has been release specifically for iOS 7 gadgets. It comes with fast replies, cool messaging alerts and much more. The program got a huge upgrade along with firmware version 7 and 64-bit processor compatibility.

It’s actually another update that follows BiteSMS Cydia app release from December 27. The January “version” of the program has become more stable than its predecessor. It fixes previous problems and brings improvements to iPhone users. The first beta was launched by accident and soon disappeared from Cydia. Now you can download the application after iOS 7 jailbreaking with various options, such as Passcode Lock, Easy Pick Smileys, Signatures, Scheduled Messages, fast Replay etc.

I guess that only way to make it even better is through iPhone factory unlock. Having an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone means saving much money on data plans and connection no matter where you are going to.

BiteSMS is completely free of charge. iPhone unlock costs some money but it’s also a good solution for people who send many texts and travel a lot. Choose the best options for your particular handset and install the top programs that simplify your everyday life.


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